Benefits of Membership
The many ways Chaîne members enjoy themselves
  • At local dinners, where chefs and vintners bring together the best of food and wine.
  • At casual DineArounds in the summer and at spirited themed dinners and elegant black tie affairs in the winter.
  • At regional gatherings, where members network and experience the best a region has to offer.
  • At lively national conventions held in major cities across America.
  • At international events, where old-world customs and impeccable cuisine of the host nation attract members from around the world.
  • At affiliated member establishments worldwide.
  • At Société Mondiale du Vin events where members learn about and experience wines and other crafted beverages.
  • You become a member of a prestigious international organization enjoying recognition in the culinary world.
  • You become a part of a unique peer group of professionals and non-professionals.
  • You become part of a global network of friends and colleagues with a high level of access and camaraderie.
  • You can participate in unique gourmet local, regional, national, and international events throughout the year, often including organized cultural visits, excursions and private guided tours.
  • You can take advantage of unique travel opportunities specifically planned and created for members only. Previous programs have included luxury cruises and extraordinary land-based excursions.
  • You are ensured a warm welcome at member restaurants and hotels worldwide.
  • You can meet renowned chefs and vintner Chaîne members.
  • You can volunteer your expertise, skills and knowledge to the running of your local bailliage.
  • You can enjoy the Société Mondiale for the fun, education and understanding of fine wines or crafted beverages.
  • You can help provide scholarships to deserving culinary and oenological students through the Chaîne Foundation.
  • You can become a Chaîne Ambassador and represent the U.S. at international events.
Special Benefits for Professionals

  • You become a part of a worldwide forum in which professional excellence is recognized.
  • You can partner in raising standards for service and food higher and higher.
  • You can share creativity and innovation and push beyond what has been.
  • You can achieve personal and professional growth through association with experts in their field.
  • Visit host venues that showcase exceptional culinary and service skills.
  • Compete in or judge competitions for young professionals, sommeliers, or chefs.
  • How to Apply for a Taste of Chaîne
    There are three steps to membership:

    1. Apply to the Vice Chargée de Missions, then you will be sent information on the Chaîne and our bailliage, including our schedule of upcoming events. Once you have attended an event, you will be asked to complete and sign a Chaîne Application Form and return it with your payments (see schedule below). You will need to be nominated by a Chaîne member in good standing. If you don’t know a member, a board officer may nominate you.

    2. Your completed application form and nomination will be forwarded to the National Office for validation and registration.

    3. Following completion of these procedures, your membership is active and you will receive access to our member website, which includes a directory containing your contact information, plus a listing of all member emails and phone numbers.

    To request attendance at an upcoming event, apply for membership, or to request additional information, please contact Marci Hughes, our Chargée de Missions at:

    Fees & Dues

    Membership in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and the Société Mondiale du Vin requires two separate payments. One is to the Bailliage de Naples and one to the National Office. Fees and dues will be explained upon application.

    Choose to submit your membership form online or download the form and mail to your sponsor.
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